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Transglobal Underground had to happen.
We’re talking about the early nineties here. It’s a long time ago, many brain cells have been lost since…

Kissmet is the vision of two Indian Sikh brothers, born and brought up within the multicultural melting pot of the UK with a very traditional Eastern upbringing in a very Western social environment.   As children, their parents ran the local Indian cinema so, at home, they were learning all about Indian music but by day they were listening to western Rock music at school with their English friends.   Subliminally, they were being bombarded with music from the East and West on a daily basis and there was no difference from listening to Mohammed Rafi and Fateh Ali Khan as there was to Genesis or The Police.   Then, when it came to learning to play and writing their own songs, they realised that they could use elements from the East and West equally to make each song something very special.

Cecil Sharp -  http:///
Benjamin Britten -  http:///
Ralph Vaughan Williams -  http:///
Martin Carthy -  http:///
Fariport Convention -  http:///
Steeleye Span -  http:///
Lindisfarne -  http:///
The Albion Band -  http:///
Billy Bragg -  http:///
Kate Rusby -  http:///
Bella Hardy -  http:///
The Unthanks -  http://-/
Lau -  http://-/
Uiscedwr -  http:///
Bellowhead -  http:///
Belshazzar's Feast -  http:///
Eliza Carthy -  http://-/
Laura Marling -  http:///

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Transglobal Underground - Impossible Re-BroadcastsTransglobal Underground - Impossible Re-BroadcastsTransglobal Underground - Impossible Re-BroadcastsTransglobal Underground - Impossible Re-Broadcasts