K- destination unknown / third i - Alex Gaudino Feat. Christal Waters - Destination Calabria.

Alex was a senior at Mt. Abraham High School who boarded Volee Airlines Flight 180 with his classmates for their senior trip to Paris , France. Before take-off, Alex had a premonition that a catastrophic engine failure would cause the plane to explode in mid-air, killing everyone on board. When the events from his vision begin to repeat themselves, he panics and is thrown off the plane along with six others, who witness the plane explode moments later. Over the next several months, the survivors begin to die one by one in a series of bizarre accidents, and after learning that Death is still after them, Alex attempts to figure out Death's plan and save the remaining survivors. He manages to save Clear Rivers and Carter Horton and Death skips them, leading them to believe they have cheated Death's plan. Six months later, Alex, Clear, and Carter travel to Paris to celebrate their survival. After explaining that Death still hasn't skipped him, Alex is nearly hit by a falling sign but Carter saves him at the last second, and Death skips him. When Carter asks who is next the sign swings back down towards Carter, revealing that Death's plan is still in action. In Final Destination 2 it is revealed that following the events of the first film Alex was bludgeoned by a falling brick. Alex is mentioned again in Final Destination 3 and seen in archive footage in Final Destination 5 .

K - Destination Unknown / Third IK - Destination Unknown / Third IK - Destination Unknown / Third IK - Destination Unknown / Third I